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So you think you don't have a story

 If you’re fed up with being told to include more personal stories in your presentations, I know how that feels.

For several years, having entered the world of speaking as part of my business model, I struggled to find my own stories.

Despite the assurance from anyone offering me feedback that ‘you do have a story, everyone does,’ I still couldn’t see why anyone would want to hear my very ordinary and unexceptional story.

What didn’t help was that I had the good fortune to hear a lot of excellent speakers sharing their incredible, awesome and powerful stories, making mine seem even more insignificant and unworthy of being aired in public.

Does any of that resonate with you?

I tried to convince myself that I could get around the story issue by making sure I gave good content and delivered it competently. What more could I do, because you can’t make stories up, can you?

I still don’t really know what happened to shake the penny down, but...

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