About Me

My quest to find my story

Sitting in the audience of a speech contest, in awe of the 3 speakers awarded the top places, I declared in that moment that I was going to be on that stage the following year.

But then came the dawning realisation – how could I be a truly successful speaker when I didn’t have a story?

I hadn’t scaled a glacier, or survived personal adversity or founded a hugely successful organisation – so what on earth could I speak about to match the stories of those who had done that kind of thing?

So started my quest to find my story.

To cut that story short, I now see that I was already sitting on a mountain of stories – and so are you.

Your mountain of stories

Looking back now, it seems crazy to think I had no stories worth telling – but many people I’ve helped are the same, and perhaps right now that’s you.

I’d love to help you unearth your mountain of stories and to help you craft them in a compelling and engaging way so that you can enjoy sharing them with the world.

There are so many stories in simple everyday life, and often those are the best.

We all have stories from every stage of our lives that make us interesting and unique.

To give you an idea of my experience, here are some of my key stages which all have countless stories I could share:

Cabin Crew

3 years as cabin crew with Laker Airways (yes, that long ago).

Juvenile Offenders

3+ years working with Juvenile Offenders and within the care system. 


9 years living and working in Thailand and travel around South East Asia.

Justice of the Peace

5 years as a Justice of the Peace, sitting in both the Adult Court and what was then the Juvenile Court, hearing juvenile criminal cases and Care Proceedings.

Reasons my clients like working with me:

  • My knowledge, experience and professionalism
  • My knack for understanding their stories and knowing just how to craft them effectively
  • My natural energy and enthusiasm, and open communication style
  • My belief in them, their goals and aspirations
  • My humour and kindness

 Plus a total of 30 years experience in counselling, coaching, facilitating, speaking…

What lights me up?

Always fascinated by what makes people different, I love to hear people’s stories. I’m one of those people who others share their life history with when standing in a queue.

I get a huge sense of joy from seeing my clients succeed. It’s great to get good feedback or to win an award for my own speaking, but so much more exciting when that happens for someone I’ve helped.

Why story crafting and coaching?

Always a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, with skills and experience in diverse areas, I loved the variety that offering multiple services brought me.

But nobody fully understood what I did.

One moment I would be talking about communication skills, the next I would be running a course on networking and then I’d be coaching or training on mindset and resilience. And in between that I also did some speaker coaching.

I worked with sole business owners, I delivered training in organisations and I was inspired to address female progression in the workplace.

Too many things for too many people!

In June 2020 I decided to focus solely on just one thing. 

I decided to focus on the one thing that brought me most joy and where I believe I can offer most value. 

I decided to focus helping speakers find and craft their stories.

And I would love to help you. 


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