About Me

We all have a story


One day I suddenly woke up to the realisation that I sit on a mountain of ordinary everyday stories.


In fact we all do, even you. Thousands of them!


Why am I telling you this?


Because up until that point I was convinced that I didn’t have a story to tell.


I hadn’t scaled a glacier, or survived personal adversity or founded a hugely successful organisation – so what value could I possibly add alongside those who have done that kind of thing?


I hadn’t fully realised how limiting this belief had become.


‘How could I ever achieve my aim to become a truly successful professional speaker if I don’t have a story?’


‘Who wants to hear about my ordinary boring story?’


‘There’s nothing inspiring about my story.’


Sound familiar?

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You have a Mountain of Stories!!


With storytelling now at the heart of everything I do, it seems crazy to think there was a time when I thought in that way.

Since that morning of revelation, I’ve helped many people who had those same thoughts and maybe right now that’s you.

Here’s the first thing you need to know: just like me, you too have your stories of how you came to do whatever it is that you do and I can help you find them.


I’d love to help you:

  • identify your signature story
  • unearth your own personal mountain of stories
  • show you how to craft them in a compelling and engaging way.

There are so many stories in simple everyday life and often those are the best.

We all have stories from every stage of our lives that make us interesting and unique.

The trick is to use some of those stories to bring your presentations alive, to add colour, texture and context to your content.

Female motivational speaker. Storytelling for approachable leadership. Leadership; resilience; wellbeing; cultural change

To give you an idea of my past experience here are just some of my key stages which all have countless stories:

Cabin Crew

3 years with Laker Airways (yes, that long ago)


Juvenile Offenders

3+ years working with Juvenile Offenders 



9 years living and working in Thailand


Justice of the Peace

5 years in both the Adult and Juvenile courts



17 years as a counsellor


The Athena Network

8 years facilitating networking meetings


Coach and Trainer

20+ years' experience



10+ years' experience


Female motivational speaker. Storytelling for approachable leadership. Leadership; resilience; wellbeing; cultural change

Reasons my clients like working with me:

  • My knowledge, experience and professionalism
  • My knack for understanding their stories and knowing just how to craft them effectively
  • My natural energy and enthusiasm, and open communication style
  • My belief in them, their goals and aspirations
  • My humour and kindness

 Plus a total of 30 years experience in counselling, coaching, facilitating, speaking…

What lights me up?


Always fascinated by what makes people different, I love to hear people’s stories. I’m one of those people who others share their life history with when standing in a queue.

I get a huge sense of joy from seeing my clients succeed. It’s great to get good feedback or to win an award for my own speaking, but so much more exciting when that happens for someone I’ve helped.

Female motivational speaker. Storytelling for approachable leadership. Leadership; resilience; wellbeing; cultural change

Why story crafting and coaching?


Always a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, with skills and experience in diverse areas, I loved the variety that offering multiple services brought me. 


But I was offering too many things for too many people! 


So I decided to focus on the one thing that brought me most joy and where I believe I can offer most value.  


And that’s in working with business professionals just like you, helping them find and craft their stories. 


And I would love to help you.  


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