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Creating approachable leaders through storytelling




Creating approachable leaders through storytelling


Content tailored to meet your needs

I offer a fresh insightful angle on storytelling for achieving approachable leadership, supporting leaders in bridging the gap between themselves and their people, ultimately improving people retention, wellbeing and commitment and therefore increased profit.

My content will be tailored to meet your specific needs on one or more of the following issues:


  • Approachable leadership
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Storytelling
  • Cultural change
  • Integration of working from home to working in the office
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Why book me?


Results you can expect:

My message is important at every level, both horizontally and vertically, and achieves the following outcomes:

  • Your people will be thinking differently, more creatively and finding better solutions within their leadership roles. When they think differently, they act differently.
  • They will come away feeling uplifted, inspired and brave enough to share their own stories, both of success and vulnerability.
  • They will be more motivated to reach for greater things in their career and to become more approachable and effective leaders.


How does that benefit your organisation? 

A move towards more openness in communication and approachable leadership creates a cultural shift within your organisation, you can expect:

  • Greater customer and people engagement,

When people are engaged with their leaders, they feel more confident that those leaders will understand their challenges.

They feel more confident in approaching those leaders for help when needed, instead of keeping those challenges to themselves, which ultimately means:

  • Increased wellbeing and decreased levels of absenteeism
  • Greater buy-in and commitment to the shared aims of your organisation

which ultimately means




Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]

Book me for:  

  • Keynote speaking at your conferences, your in-house development days and your leadership training days
  • Facilitating breakout sessions at conferences
  • Facilitating your team building days



Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]

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Sometimes the greatest testimonials for speaker coaching come from the audience

David Avrin - Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

"What’s great about Rachel is not just the storytelling and the idea of the power of stories. It’s that she models it, so her authenticity. As she talks about it, she’s doing it."

David Avrin. Customer Experience and Marketing Keynote Speaker author of Visible Marketing plus 3 other top selling books on marketing


Edmée Carroll Mendonca. Mindfulness and Confidence coach

"Rachel is so inspiring. She uses stories to really draw her audience in and I learned so much from her.

She was funny, she was personable and she really has the audience at the heart of everything she does."

Edmée Carroll Mendonca. Mindfulness and Confidence coach. Powertalk (UK) Ltd

Sophia Cleverly. Sophia Cleverly Coaching

"You hit the mark 100 percent for with your talk yesterday - just actually taking a chair, sitting down and listening…you were that mirror and words of encouragement I needed. Thank you."

Sophia Cleverly. Sophia Cleverly Coaching
Mark Lee FCA. Mentor for Sole Practitioner Accountants

"Rachel spoke with such passion, experience, knowledge and humour and really got her message across effectively.

Really powerful."

Mark Lee FCA. Mentor for Sole Practitioner Accountants.

And from the people who booked me:

David Avrin - Customer Experience Keynote Speaker

“I booked Rachel to speak at an event to celebrate the volunteers with Home-Start Arun, Worthing and Adur, a family support charity and she was brilliant.

Firstly, she spent time with me prior to the event to understand what the audience of Home-Start volunteers would want, taking pains to understand what they do and the challenges they face. She then tailored her content so well for them. They loved it and felt very special.

Rachel was easy to work with and very flexible on timing, etc. She was even happy to stay on to speak with our volunteers after her address, which was definitely more than we had contracted her to do.”

Catherine Hobson. Charity Consultant. HTC Consultancy Ltd


Edmée Carroll Mendonca. Mindfulness and Confidence coach

“I run a networking group for women in senior roles in finance and I have invited Rachel to present to my group on a couple of occasions – I’m delighted that she accepted these invitations! Rachel is a pleasure to work with – professional, friendly, approachable and an excellent speaker. She is clearly passionate about her subject and speaks with clarity and authority, in a way that really engages her audience. She took the time to find out about my group in advance, and as a result her presentation really resonated with them. I have enjoyed working with Rachel and in fact have booked her to speak to my group again later this year! She’s well worth the investment.”

Liz Watt. Founder of the Women in Indirect Tax Networking Group. Executive and career coach at Liz Watt Coaching

Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]