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An experienced speaker with a warm and engaging style, I’m available to speak at your events, delivering either a keynote or an interactive workshop-style presentation.

I can either speak about story-telling itself, or I can draw on my own stories to inspire your people.

A valuable skill in itself, story-telling is also a powerful way of:

  • inspiring changes in thought, in turn inspiring changes in behaviour
  • illustrating personal or organisational values 
  • spotlighting what makes someone different

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Sometimes the greatest testimonials for speaker coaching come from the audience:

Julie Dennis - The Menopause Coach

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing Rachel speak more than once and witness how she captivates and engages her audience. What I love about Rachel’s speaking is the way she uses storytelling to powerfully deliver her message. I can thoroughly recommend Rachel as a speaker or trainer for women's events. 

Vanessa Junginger

Rachel engages her audience with her natural energy, warmth and charisma. Rachel’s passion and enthusiasm inspire and empower her audience to challenge their own limitations and to take action, for greater business success. As she says, ‘Listening to an inspiring talk is useful but without actions, nothing much will change.

Joanne Lockwood - Inclusion and Belonging Specialist

You have literally changed the course of my life. I now realise that I can get out there and do the things I really want to do, including becoming a speaker, and to have the confidence to do that.

Before listening to you, I felt I had to follow the path that I believed was ‘the right path’ but now I see that I’ve been holding myself back from achieving what I’ve always wanted to achieve. Thank you.

Catherine Hobson - Organisational Consultant for Not for Profits

Rachel, you were spot on with your content and your delivery and were truly inspirational. The feedback from the volunteers has been really positive. They loved your stories. They felt you understood them and knew what they go through and you have really helped them see how they do indeed make a difference. 

My speaking career started in the juvenile courtroom, from the first time when my nerves got the better of me and I passed the baton to my supervisor, to a short while later when I was in my element when carrying out the advocacy in child care cases on behalf of the local authority.

I have continued to develop my training and speaking throughout my varied career.

A professional member of the Professional Speaking Association, I am an active member and regular MC at the London branch, giving me a great platform for adding to and refreshing my own skills and knowledge.

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