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What do using a running app and working with a coach have in common?

storytelling examples Apr 25, 2023

A somewhat reluctant runner, I must admit that running has its benefits as means of keeping fit.

It’s relatively quick, it can be done almost anywhere, and I can do it while ‘walking’ the dog.

Using one of the many running apps available changed my perspective on running.

Before using the app, I would run for 20 minutes in the hope of completing 2 miles, or close enough.

With the app, I set 2 miles as the target, and on the 1st attempt took 22 minutes 47 seconds.

So, I set myself the relatively small goal of working towards running 2 miles within my 20 minutes.

I was much more excited about my running with that achievable target to work towards. I had increased motivation, greater output, and an inner confidence that this could lead to greater results.

While I was running, it occurred to me that the role of this app is similar to the role of a specialist coach.

Working on your own, it’s all too easy to set targets and hope to get near enough ’to...

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