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Are you already successful in what you do and ready to invest in your personal development?

Whether you want to uplevel your general communication skills to help you articulate your expertise, experience and credibility more effectively or to raise your profile as a business speaker and create a signature talk, I have the programme for you.

Competent Communicator 


This is the programme for you if:

  • You’re a successful business professional with oodles of knowledge, experience and expertise in your field, but somehow don’t manage to articulate that to the people who matter.
  • You’re an aspiring professional and know that taking your communication skills to the next level will help you reach your next step up.
  • You’ve recently found yourself in a new role which involves much more interaction with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders and would like to feel more confident in your communication, including giving short presentations.
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Compelling Speaker 


This is the programme for you if, as a successful business professional, you:

  • Find yourself winging it when it comes to presentations and as a result, failing to get the business you’re aiming for.
  • are ready to take your speaking and presenting to the next level and want to develop a signature talk.
  • have been thrown in at the deep end and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to putting together a cohesive presentation.



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90-minute Pit Stop


This one-off session is you if you:

  • Have a one-off short presentation coming up and would like help with structuring your content.
  • Would welcome another pair of eyes on your content.
  • Need a quick resolution to a presentation issue.
  • Want to practise delivery of your presentation and get some constructive feedback.
  • Want to work on just one or two of the topics mentioned in the Competent Communicator programme.
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Storytelling made Simple


If you prefer to work at your own pace? You can check out my online self-study programme, Storytelling made Simple here:

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Coaching and training for organisations


To find out how I can help you and/or your teams, both individually and as a group, uplevel their communication, presentation skills and their story-telling

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Sometimes the greatest testimonials for speaker coaching come from the audience:

I worked with Rachel on my presentation and storytelling skills, and it was the best thing I ever did. Not only did she give me so much help with my speaking style but also a lot of ideas for the content of the speech itself.

How to say it, what to say, how to get a lot of information into the shortest number of words. My energy, my delivery, the sequence, the flow. I mean everything.

As a nervous speaker it gave me so much confidence in my material and my delivery.

The speech was a major success and generated a lot of business for me. I was able to grab my audience attention straight away and keep them glued to their seats.

I highly recommend working with Rachel.

Naomi Stonier, Relationship Coach


Rachel has coached me in a 6 month long public speaking course, and I have learned a great deal from her. My public speaking and presentation skills have improved significantly, and the improvements were noticed by my colleagues. Each of the sessions were tailored to my personal needs and her coaching style is very dynamic. Her extraordinary techniques not only improved my speaking skills but also boosted my confidence, which also played a huge part in improving my leadership type skills. I can't recommend her enough!

Akanda Ashraf, PhD. Tech Lead in Machine Learning

"I don't really have a story; my life has been very ordinary" I said to Rachel. I was therefore amazed that with Rachel's help, I was able to uncover not just my 'why' story but a whole host of ideas I can use in my business.

Rachel has a calm and professional approach, with a gentle questioning style that enables you to really dig deep into your life experiences and how you can use those emerging stories in your business. I fully recommend you talk to Rachel!’

Linda Huckle, Author