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The spiral of confidence

Is there something you want to do but hold back because you don’t feel confident to do it?

You certainly wouldn't be alone.

Whatever your level of success, there’s always another challenge to take and that old hoary chestnut of confidence pops up again.

Think back to another time when you didn’t feel confident about something that you now do with ease. How did you gain that confidence? Probably by doing ‘the thing’.

One of the wonderful parts of the work I do is to see people grow in confidence around sharing their story, around recognising their expertise and owning the difference they make in the world.

The more you do it, the more confident you’ll become – I promise!


Rachel Maunder is a communication skills and speaker coach and professional speaker.

She has been in the world of competent communication, in different guises, for more than 30 years so has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to pass on to her clients, both through her signature programmes and her own presentations.

You can find out more about her coaching programmes here and about her speaking topics here.


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