Individual Speaker Coaching Programmes

On Tap Coaching


On Tap’ coaching gives you the freedom to access a total number of virtual coaching hours over a sustained period of time, while spreading the cost evenly across that period. 


One month you might want several hours of coaching because you have a specific presentation coming up and the next month you might require the bare minimum.  


As one of my priority clients, I will do my utmost to accommodate your requirements in terms of time of day, urgency of sessions, length of time, etc., while you have the benefit of staggering the cost of your coaching. 


Whether you need 30 minutes or 2 hours for your session, that’s the amount that will be deducted from your running total. 


There are 2 levels of On Tap coaching for you to choose from.


3-month programme:

This is for you if:

  • you’re already an experienced and confident speaker
  • your business is taking a new angle and you need to tell new stories
  • you’re looking for help with refreshing your content.


You’ll have access to a total of 9 hours of my time over a 3 month period, to be taken at times to suit you.

Your investment: £300 per month for 3 months. Total: £900


6 month programme:

This is for you if:

  • You’re new to speaking and are looking for more consistent help over an extended period
  • Speaking is becoming a bigger part of your role and you’re keen to up your game 
  • You’re about to start telling your story and don’t know where to start


You’ll have access to a total of 18 hours of my time over a 6 month period, to be taken at times to suit you.

Your investment: £250 per month for 6 months. Total: £1500


But before you decide whether 3 months or 6 months is right for you, let’s have a chat.


You can book a time to suit you here:

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StoryCRAFT Intensive:


This is for you if you just want to get it done!


We’ll spend a day together working on crafting your story and your presentation.


You’ve probably got a big presentation coming up soon and you want to get it nailed.


Or perhaps you have a strong preference for working in person.


And perhaps you prefer to work in lovely surroundings.


Here’s what’s included:

  • A full day’s coaching (6 hours) in comfortable surroundings*
  • Lunch and refreshments throughout the day
  • Email support and script reviews for up to 1 month following your VIP Day.


Your investment: £1500*


To help you decide if this is the right programme for you, let’s have a conversation. Please book a time to suit you here:

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*Investment applies to taking your VIP experience at a venue selected by me. If you prefer to use a different venue, additional charges may apply – but let’s talk about that.

Want to try before you buy? I get it – if you don’t know me, how will you know if I’m the right person to help you?
Why not book one of my Story Clinic sessions to find out?

Story Clinic  


A 90-minute introductory session, offering you the opportunity to work on whichever aspect of your stories and presentations you choose. 


Here are some examples of how others have used this time: 


  • Going on a story hunt – I can help you find those stories you don’t think you have 
  • Reviewing/revising/refreshing a presentation you’ve already prepared, looking for fresh insights, ideas, and improvement 
  • Planning the outline for a new talk, including which story, or part of a story, to use, key messages, etc. 


Your investment: £197 

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Other ways to work with me:

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Prefer to work at your own pace? You can check out my online self-study programme, Story Telling made Simple here:

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