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Do people really want to hear this?

‘Do people really want to hear these ordinary stories?’


This is one of the most common questions I get asked and the answer is a resounding ‘YES’.


Then comes the challenge of remembering any.


Think back to your younger years. What are some of your stories that show an aptitude for or interest in what you do now? Or for the opposite, showing how you’ve had to develop the necessary skills and are well-placed to show others how to do the same?


What about the stories that show your sense of humour, a bit of vulnerability, that show your values and the person you really are?


I know it can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, but honestly people love them. Your stories warm people to you.



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Rachel Maunder is a communication skills and speaker coach and professional speaker.

She has been in the world of competent communication, in different guises, for more than 30 years so has a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to pass on to her clients, both through her signature programmes and her own presentations.  

You can find out more about her coaching programmes here and about her speaking topics here


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