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Neurodivergence: Living life on the outside looking in.

Neurodivergence: Living life on the outside looking in. 

NB: During the welcome to this episode of The Different Stories Podcast and during the conversation itself, you will hear it referred to as The Other Stories Podcast.

That was the original name of the podcast until we were requested to change it in November 2023, due to the presence of another podcast of the same name, of a completely different genre.

The podcast is now known as The Different Stories Podcast across all platforms.


Karen Kodish was diagnosed Autistic at 47, ADHD at 48, as having Irlen Syndrome at 49 as well as self-identifying as having PDA. 

In this episode she shares the sheer relief and grief she felt at hearing the news. Finally she was able to make sense of so much of her life, having always felt herself to be an outsider, observing her own life from the periphery.

She talks about the isolation she felt and still feels, the sensory overwhelm she experiences and getting access to the many tools she now uses to manage this.

We also look at how being a lifelong observer of life contributes to her being the skilled photographer she is.

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About the host Rachel Maunder

Rachel Maunder is a Story Coach, helping people find and craft their personal stories for greater engagement through speaking. Her secret sauce includes a blend of an ability to spot the key parts of a story and to highlight those in a relatable way. With a lifelong curiosity around what makes people different Rachel is an advocate and ally of acceptance and inclusion. Combine that with her gentle way of drawing people’s stories out of them and you’ll start to see Rachel’s motivation behind creating The Different Stories Podcast. Rachel coaches individuals and runs bespoke workshops for organisations.

You can find her contact details or book a complimentary exploratory call here:

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