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Story Telling for Teams


‘S/he who tells the most engaging story wins the business.’


Whilst that might not be entirely true, you have to admit that there’s a big push on telling the stories behind the business.


Buyers and employees are far more discerning than ever before and want to hear about the values, principles and vision behind the product or service before aligning themselves with the organisation and yet, people still struggle to find and tell stories.


Should they tell the founder story?


Should they tell their own?


How much to share and how to make it interesting?


If your team are still asking themselves these questions, you need my help.


I have a range of workshops I can offer so let’s have a conversation to explore what you need and how I can match those needs.

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Story Telling for Leaders


Newly promoted to a leadership role and feeling daunted by how to engage your team? 


Want to inject some life and energy into an otherwise dry presentation? 


Looking for training to inspire and upskill your team, to help them stand out from the crowd? 


Great leaders share their vulnerability and make themselves real to their people, as well as demonstrating their competence as a leader. 


Sharing your personal stories is a great way of doing that. But which stories, and how do you do that? 


That’s where I come in. 


Whether you’re looking for a training course, a group coaching programme or individual coaching as part of a leadership development programme, let’s start a conversation to see what you need and how I can help. 


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