Competent Communicator Programme

Do you feel you’re somehow missing the mark when it comes to communicating your credibility and expertise to the degree you deserve? That as a result your wealth of experience is being diminished and/or underestimated?

Maybe you’re even being mistaken for an employee when you’re the business owner.

Or have you secretly found yourself feeling a bit out of your depth in a new role when it comes to interacting with customers, colleagues and other stakeholders?

Something needs to change and the Competent Communicator programme could well be just what you need.


Who’s this for?

Designed to help you articulate what you do in a succinct and engaging way, this programme is for you if you’re already a successful business professional who wants to:

  • Uplevel your communication skills to match your expertise and experience.
  • Come across with increased credibility to your colleagues, customers and collaboration partners.
  • Be taken more seriously as the competent business leader you know yourself to be.
  • Stand out for the right reasons.
  • Increase your inner confidence around business communication and presentations.

This 8 session programme starts with a review of where you are right now with your communication, including your levels of confidence, identifying the kinds of communication you want to improve on. Together we’ll then put your bespoke programme plan together.

To give you an idea of what your programme might look like, here’s a typical outline:


Session 1: Knowing your story

Identifying the key bits of your backstory that highlight your expertise, drive and values.


Session 2: The confidence piece

Covering simple techniques to help you feel and appear more confident in the way you communicate.


Session 3: Networking skills

Looking at ways to network more effectively and to communicate your worth, both informally and at networking events.

Creating a template for your Networking Minutes.

The art of small talk


Session 4: Speaking up

Techniques and tips on getting heard at meetings.

Tips for facilitating those meetings.


Session 5: Handling awkward conversations

Identifying the types of awkward conversations you’re likely to encounter and using a simple process to ensure the best outcome for all concerned


Session 6: Preparing a 10 minute preparation

Preparing a body of content to include for a typical 10-minute presentation, whether to your network, your team or to prospective customers.


Session 7: Preparing a video for your About You page

Planning the content, style etc. and having a practise run-through


Session 8: Reflect revise and review

Other topics you might want to include:

  • Interview or panel skills
  • Promotional videos for social media
  • Hosting customer events
  • plus anything else specific to you and your business



Support via Voxer is available throughout your programme.

Each session and area covered will be underpinned by my 5 Principles for Competent Communication:



  • Clearly and concisely articulating your message.


  • Owning your knowledge, expertise and experience.

Confident composure

  • Feeling much more comfortable in your own skin and as a result, being more assertive in your business communication.
  • Appearing calm and composed, showing the business leader you already are


  • Being clear on your values and mission and being true to them throughout all your business communication


  • Showing respect for other parties, listening to understand and not to judge, etc

To find out more and to see if this is the right programme for you, book a call with me now.

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