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Storytelling is at the heart of everything I do

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Programmes on storytelling, public speaking and others related to more general communication

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With my unique take on storytelling, my aim is to inspire you and your people to use stories to make you more relatable, approachable and ultimately more effective in your leadership role.


Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]

What makes me different?

  • I bring a unique perspective to storytelling, inspiring you and your people to achieve approachable leadership through strategic use stories.

  • I have years of experience of public speaking and communication.

  • With years of experience of working with mindset and the stories we tell ourselves, I understand the impact small shifts in both of these can be, for the individual, the people they work with and for their organisations.

Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]


Why is storytelling important?

  • Stories convey emotion, leading to a stronger connection
  • Through sharing personal stories, others learn more about your values, humour, and vulnerability. They start to see you as a human being.
  • When others can place themselves within your stories, you instantly become more relatable, more approachable.


Why is this important for leaders?

  • Creating connection and being more approachable bridges the perceived gap between leaders and the people you lead.
  • You make it OK for them to share their vulnerability too. You allow them to learn from their challenges and mistakes.
  • Connection and openness makes for a more cohesive, supportive team, all wanting to achieve the shared outcome.


What does that mean for your organisation?

  • Connection and cohesiveness builds a culture of mutual respect and support, with everyone accepting other people’s fallibility.
  • An organisation with a culture of mutual respect and support attracts good people and discerning customers.
  • Good people and loyal customers benefits your bottom line.


My content will be tailored to meet your specific needs and to focus on the following issues:


  • Approachable leadership
  • Resilience and wellbeing
  • Storytelling
  • Cultural change
  • Integration of working from home to working in the office



Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]

You have a story worth telling

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Have a look at the lovely Story prompt cards and journal. An easy way to create your social media posts with endless stories to tell.

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Call: 07905 101169      or      Email: [email protected]

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