The Power of Everyday Stories


Who on earth would want to hear my stories?

How much should I share?

What if I implicate someone?


As well as exploring why sharing personal stories increases engagement and connection with an audience, with prospective clients or employees, these are the questions that are answered in this presentation.


Based on my own story and introducing others that are relevant to the specific audience, I invite my listeners to turn doubt on its head and to stand in their own light with more confidence.


Whatever your event and whoever is in the audience, you can rely on me to tailor my content and message to match your aims and needs.

As a facilitator, delegates enjoy my relaxed style and the ease with which I give them ideas for their own stories and how to use them.


You’ll find me easy to work with and I’m willing to be flexible when the unexpected happens.


As a speaker, I connect with my audience as individuals.

‘I felt you were speaking just to me’.

‘I could have listened to you all day’.



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