We're going on a Story Hunt...Are you coming with us?

We're going on a Story Hunt Extravaganza!


It's on Monday 17th April 2023

Are you coming with us?

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I'm coming on a Story Hunt only £47

When it comes to creating content, do you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen not knowing where to start?


Do you get how important it is to share stories to create connections and attract customers but think that yours are too ordinary or boring to share?


This Story Hunt Extravaganza and Story Prompt Guide will help you to share your wonderful stories, and guess what, they are not boring or too ordinary. 

What if I could bring you a never-ending source of stories, to help you connect to your ideal customers and bring them closer to buying from you?


And what if created a safe space for you to share some of those stories?


What if I did that in a fun, high vibe and light-hearted way, bringing you together with others just like you – and at a super-low cost?




And I can’t wait to introduce you to my brand new products.

Fast forward a few years, with a lot of digging deep and trial and error, I found that my story had been there all along. A bit like my shadow, it had always been behind me and I just hadn’t seen it. 


I also woke up to the value in sharing some of those ordinary everyday stories – those anecdotal tales of childhood, tough times, good times or crazy times. They all make us who we are and they all make a good story.


Once I found and started using my own stories I realised I got more bookings, more invitations to speak, people recommended me more. 


Now, when someone tells me they don’t have a story I love to help them find it.


Wherever you are in your speaker journey, if stories are an issue for you, I’d love to help you too.


And let’s make it fun!!

Why me?


I’m Rachel Maunder and I help people tell their stories – and sometimes that means helping them to find those stories.


A speaker coach and trainer for many years, my true zone of genius is in helping others craft their stories. I have a real knack for picking out the good places to start, what to leave in and leave out and how to match their story with their message.


But I too know what it’s like to think you don’t have a story.


A competent and confident speaker virtually all my life, I never shared my stories. It wasn’t as if I’ve ever done anything amazing.


And yet the feedback I got on my speaking was always the same: ‘Good content, good call to action and well-delivered. But we want to hear a bit more about you. We want to hear your story.’


But how could I share my story when I didn’t have one? Who on earth would want to hear my boring old stuff, when so many speakers out there had truly awesome stories to share?


Join the Story Hunt here

Why not come and join the Story Hunt Extravaganza?  

When is it?


Monday 17th April 2023

We kick off at 9.30 a.m. and will be finished by 3.30 p.m., closing with a celebratory round up for all the wonderful stories you'll uncover.

Can’t commit to a whole day? Pop in when you can.

"This event has given me the courage to stop dismissing my own story and to start sharing it more widely.


Brilliant materials Rachel! Whenever I speak to you, I unlock about 5 more useful stories effortlessly!"


Erin Chamberlain

"I now have a few stories to begin with, all thanks to listening to others and using your prompts. They even sparked some of my long-lost stories which will become core stories."


Marian Hearn

"I was a bit unsure about attending Rachel's story hunt workshop as she said you could just drop-in. However, after joining I could see why. Each session is like a mini event in itself. 

It's amazing how many stories you actually do have and how quickly you can come up with them from Rachel's prompts and ideas from others.

Rachel expertly guides you to think about how you can use these stories in your marketing and how much or how little you could share without feeling vulnerable.

 What is really great though is the connection you can make with complete strangers through sharing a short story from your own life. It's very powerful."

Karen Revell

I'm coming on a Story Hunt

'Having the Story Hunt Guide alone is worth your investment. Registering for the Story Hunt Extravaganza is a no-brainer!'

What is it?

  • A fun but valuable event to help you unearth some of those forgotten stories.
  • All in the course of a day – but you don’t need to be there all day. Pop in and out to suit your schedule.
  • A shared experience
  • An opportunity to learn how to share your stories.
  • Come to share or come to listen – everyone gets something from the day.
  • An end of day celebration.
  • Simple prompts and questions to help you find your treasure.

Sign up here for the event and receive the fabulous Story Prompt Guide 


I'm coming on a Story Hunt only £47