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Born in Bangladesh, raised in East London, within the Bangladeshi Muslim Community, at the age of 18 Sajna was married and a teen mum. She started work at the aged 21 as one of few people of colour working as a Receptionist Coca Cola at that time, she did not see her background as a blocker to achieve success She perceived her differences as a way to get noticed. As she climbed the ranks, she found herself held up as role model for other Asian women and girls, She become known for her passion towards Diversity and Inclusion. However, soon found herself get derailed by the noise of D&I in this episode she shares her views on embracing difference and staying focused on your goals and rising up by leveraging what you have. About the host Rachel Maunder Rachel Maunder is a Story Coach, helping people find and craft their personal stories for greater engagement through speaking. Her secret sauce includes a blend of an ability to spot the key parts of a story and to highlight those in a relatable way, a lifelong curiosity around what makes people different and a gentle way of drawing people’s stories out of them. An advocate and ally of acceptance and inclusion of those who seem different to us, in whatever way, and you start to see Rachel’s motivation behind creating The Other Stories Podcast. Rachel coaches individuals and runs bespoke workshops for organisations. She also offers an online home-study programme using her own StoryCRAFT process. You can find her contact details or book a complimentary exploratory call here: DISCLAIMER Any views, thoughts and opinions shared and expressed in this podcast belong solely to the host and guest speakers. Please carry out your own due diligence.


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