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Seeing change happen

Life has changed considerably for Marie Manley since 2012, when her husband of 25 years shared with her his desire to transition to becoming a woman. In this episode Marie shares what those years were like for her, how she was often the one ostracised or left out and how lonely she felt. She also talks about why she chose to stay in the relationship and how that works for both her and her partner now. Marie Manley is a firm believer that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion should be actively evident in every organisation. So joining SEE Change Happen, is a DEI consulting firm, as the Customer Operations Specialist in March 2022 was a positive turning point in her career. Based on her own experience, Marie is an advocate for how becoming transgender can affect families and friends. Between 2016-19, she contributed to the RDF documentary for Channel 4: ‘Making of Me’.


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