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Nothing needs to stop you

Raised by two parents with Achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, Victoria Eley shares insights into and the impact the condition has not only on her parents but also on Victoria and the wider family. Getting on and off of public transport, reaching high shelves and driving are just some of the physical challenges. Far worse are the assumptions that dwarfs are part of the circus or pantomime, are childlike, can be patted on the head, etc. that Victoria shares with us. About Victoria Eley Victoria Eley is an entrepreneur and mum of 3, both of her parents suffer with the disability Achondroplasia, and whilst she has cared for them, she has 2 great role models that showed her nothing should stop you from getting what you want – able bodied or not! They also taught her the importance of being kind. This has become one of Victoria’s core values and is part of what drives her in her in both her supported living property investment business that houses vulnerable people and families and in helping other entrepreneurs to be more successful through her networking club.


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