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A priceless gift

mindset May 25, 2020

When did you last pay someone a compliment? How did it make you feel?

Compliments are wonderful things because they usually make both parties feel better. When you give someone a genuine compliment it usually lights them up, which in turn lights you up as the cause of that.

Who can you compliment today?

Who do you know who’s really struggling emotionally right now? How might paying them a compliment help you both feel a bit better? Even just saying how well they’re doing or on something they’ve achieved can help.

Or who is sticking to a routine, exercising more than usual, decluttering or spring cleaning their house? They don’t have to be doing anything amazing but it’s still good to have whatever small things they’re doing acknowledged.

What can you find to compliment someone on to help raise their spirits and in turn make you feel good too? 


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